Bonhoeffer and Scholl sites
POSTED 2014-10-14

Inge (my wife) often touches on the lives of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Sophie Scholl in her German classes. When we were in Germany recently, we had a chance to visit a couple sites associated with these martyrs—Bonhoeffer House in Berlin and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. I’ve posted some pictures of these sites here (Bonhoeffer) and here (Scholl). These are just casual snapshots, but for people who are interested in theology and World War II history, they might be worth browsing.

Travels in Texas
POSTED 2014-09-15

We recently drove across Texas (all 27,000 miles of it) on our way back from California—but we finally got to visit Dealey Plaza. We also made a last-second decision to take the exit and walk around the City of Baird. I think we met just about everybody, and the folks were very friendly indeed. It was great fun. Thanks for showing us around, citizens of Baird!

Ann Smith profile
POSTED 2014-08-22

I was happy to see Signatures magazine publish this alumni profile by one of the students in our Writing for the Media class last semester.

“Surviving Trauma” in production
POSTED 2014-06-09

This film project—by our friends Luke Renner and David Neidert—is worthy of support. Here’s the Kickstarter page.

Photography blog
POSTED 2014-03-31

I check in on this photo blog by Stanley Leary every once in a while. If you're into photography, maybe you could pick up something helpful here.

Profile of the coach
POSTED 2014-03-31

You hear a lot of talk about college basketball this time of year. In case you missed it, here’s a short video I did recently for Owen Handy, AU men’s basketball coach. (Please watch it in HD.)

New journalism options at AU
POSTED 2014-03-28

The new AU catalog offers a minor and a complementary major in journalism. Here are the options at a glance. For more information, please consult the catalog or talk to me.

Revised office hours
POSTED 2014-03-25

I had to shuffle my office hours a little bit. Revised hours are in the sidebar at right.

WAMC news
POSTED 2014-03-12

Our friends at The Story Shop made a big splash with their “We Are Madison County” campaign at the Chamber’s gala dinner last week. Check out the WAMC initiative and the associated character films—especially this one.

Look out for Dottie Andrews
POSTED 2014-02-18

...if you’re a writer.

Photoshop tips
POSTED 2014-02-14

This video showed up in my Twitter feed yesterday. It covers a lot of basics, but I certainly picked up a couple helpful new techniques.

On being a good learner
POSTED 2014-01-22

Passing along a worthy-of-contemplation item that was shared by AU’s library director.